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I have serious problems with the API.

Baransel Pamuk

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I have serious problems with the API. I run the API service and can pull my data pretty well.

this line of code below gives me the information I don't want.


if (isset($resources))
    if (!isset($_GET['id']))
        echo '<tr><th>Kullanıcı ID</th><th>İşlemler</th></tr>';
        foreach ($resources as $resource)
            // Iterates on the found IDs
            echo '<tr><td>'.$resource->attributes().'</td><td>'.
            '<a style="color:white; text-decoration:none;" href="?id='.$resource->attributes().'">Görüntüle</a>'.
        foreach ($resources as $key => $resource)
            // Iterates on customer's properties
            echo '<tr>';
            echo '<th>'.$key.'</th><td>'.$resource.'</td>';
            echo '</tr>';

I just want to get the 'code' line in 'cart_rules'.
I don't know how to get the data one by one. can someone who knows show me




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