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Product with combinations error


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My issue is as follows.

I have some products with combinations, which can be back-ordered. If customer purchase them, then it will generate negative stock for the item. But if I click on the product at the back end to edit some information, it resets the negative stock to zero. Combinations with positive stock will remain as the were.

For example: 

Got a shirt. Back order is allowed as the main warehouse is close by. Delivery time is set and visible for the customer. This shirt has 4 combinations. Blue, red, yellow and green. From of those I've got 3 pcs of blue in stock but rest are zero and customer can see a delivery time 10 days for it.

Customer now purchases red shirt and will receive a notification that it's out of stock and might take some time to arrive. in BO stock management I can see the quantity of -1 for the product.

Now, I've noticed a typo, edit the product, press save and voila, it changes the negative stock to 0.

This issue occurred from presta version and now I'm using the latest version.

If anyone could help me out with it, it would make my life easier (at the moment I have to keep in mind to go back to stock management to set the correct stock.



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