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Looking for dev for Multi Buy Discount module / hack development

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We are looking for a module to be developed for discounting products without the use of vouchers (read on to better understand).

We have a store where we do about 100-200 orders per day, the majority of our orders are "multibuy" orders where customers mix and match products from a category for a set price, meaning they buy any 3 products from a category for £10 for (3 FOR £10).

We have several multi buy products categories (mix & match categories), 3 for £10, 2 for £20, 3 for £12, 4 for £10 and so on.

The current way we achieve this is by using a module called  Promotions and discounts (3x2, sales, offers, packs) Module that you can find in the prestashop store. 


Now to the problem. The module creates discount vouchers that get calculated when products get added to the cart. When I say that this is so slow, it is super slow. Every order has a unique discount voucher generated after the module has calculated how much discount needs to subtracted. This makes our database massive, I think that the discount database generated from this module alone is over 1gb. We know we are losing sales because of the speed of both adding products to cart and going through the checkout processes, where the discount gets calculated again (at least it seems so) and if the customer makes any changes to their cart, it again recalculates everything which is slow and make the user experience horrible. 


So what I am looking for someone willing to think outside the box, create a smarter and QUICKER solution to the discounting. 

This would either be a module or an EXTREMELY well documented "core hack" where if a customer buys X products from a category it sets a default price for X amount, for example customer buys 3 products from the 3 for £10 category it instantly sets the price to £10, without the use of any vouchers. This also needs to work if the customer buys, 6, 9 or 12 products from the category and so on. Meaning 6 would be £20, 9 would be £30 and 12 would be £40 and if the customer buys and "odd number" such as 4 from this category it would offer 3 for £10 on the first 3 and charge full price on the 4th product.

I want to emphasize that we can already achieve this with our current setup and the reason for the need module or hack is to get rid of this "stupid" voucher generation and to speedup the adding to cart and checkout. What we are looking for is instant adding to cart when a customer clicks add to cart, not 5-10 seconds delay.

We have a fast dedicated server so no need to recommend updating the server. 


If you think you can help with this, let's discuss what solution you think you can build (module or Extremely well documented core hack) and the cost of building it




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