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Adding Column Carrier Column & Filter - BackOffice Orders P1.7.6


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I'm using Prestashop & I try adding a new column in order back office.

I want to add "carrier" column and it will filter by carrier name.

I use AdminOrdersController.php in override / controllers / admin and my new column appear

my code :


class AdminOrdersController extends AdminOrdersControllerCore
    public function __construct()


        $this->_select .= ', oc.`id_carrier`,';

        $this->_join .= 'LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'order_carrier` oc ON (a.`id_order` = oc.id_order)';

        $carrier_column = array(
            'title' => $this->trans('Carrier', array(), 'Admin.Global'),
            'align' => 'text-center',
            'callback' => 'printCarrierIcon',
            'orderby' => true,
            'search' => false,

        $part1 = array_slice($this->fields_list, 0, 2);
        $part2 = array_slice($this->fields_list, 2);
        $part1['id_carrier'] = $carrier_column;
        $this->fields_list = array_merge($part1, $part2);


    public function printCarrierIcon($id_order, $tr)
        if (file_exists(_PS_TMP_IMG_DIR_ . 'carrier_mini_' . $tr['id_carrier'] . '_1.jpg')) {
            return '<img src="../img/tmp/carrier_mini_' . $tr['id_carrier'] . '_1.jpg'.'" class="imgm img-thumbnail" />';
        return null;



Now I have problem to add filter for my column, I try to add filter with carrier name but it's not working

I'm totally lost, if some one can help me


Best regards



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