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SAP integration, can't see how to map tracking ID & shipping comments between SAP & PS


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Codestone are migrating our software to SAP and integrating Prestashop. We can see how to map most of the order details but we are having trouble with mapping tracking number so that SAP will send the order tracking number into PS for the customer to see under their account

Please can you tell me how we can map the tracking number?

From the order no 18635 we can get to most of the information but how can SAP know that the tracking info for that order is located under 10828?



We are also having trouble pulling the shipping comments into SAP. Do you know how we can map this?

We have found the messages under https://www.refina.co.uk/api/customer_messages/1952

But how can this be linked to the order?

Can anyone help?

Thanks & regards




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