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not able to find testimonial/Reviews modules that is just for the store

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addons.prestashop.comI am having trouble finding a good module that allows people to post reviews after there experience with shopping with us. We have a store long time now slowly  moving into prestashop away from a wordpress.

All the modules (searching online and in addons.prestashop.com seem to be for product reviews all our products are one offs and thats not what we want . If any thing product reviews is something we would disable or just not have.  We want a general review. And its nice that it shows some at the bottom of the page it would be nice if they clicked they could read a good page of them.  alot seem to not allow that?

We have reviews on google and different social media but we want reviews that are on our site. Not you need a account.   Our wordpress site has years of reviews and will transfer them over once we find a decent plugin. 

Encouragement after a purchase to leave a review would be nice.

If anyone has any suggestions ! (not sure if this is the proper spot to post.)


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This one is another googles review and product reviews.. we want to disable product reviews we just want a general store review.  we sell alot of one off products (jewellery) Its silly to review products. 

does anyone have a store review sorta like google but on our page so a client can leave a review.  and a way to filter or remove spam.

and some people like to post reviews and type alot we want to not be limited by 250 characters.


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The site you propose looks like a scam... Or at least they are not very honest.

The first thing that appears when you click on "get it for free" is a registration page and then directly a page to pay a subscription at 20$ per month.

Then, if you take a look at it, it seems to work with Google reviews, which is, from what I understand, exactly what it doesn't want.

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I asked the
company what the character limit was for this plug-in .  They just now (few days later after a few attempts) responded to me with

" the limit for the user comment is about 32000 characters. "

I am still looking but thank you WilliamComonsoft for recommending this !
this looks good.

I get the feeling your name and icon and the website that you may be affiliated with them.

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