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tüm kategorileri sildim siteye giremiyorum ? acil

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[29-Jan-2021 22:59:32 Europe/Istanbul] PHP Notice:  Integer value is expected, got `double` in  /public_html/src/Core/Product/Search/Pagination.php on line 49


böyle bir hata kodu aldım errorlog da tüm kategorileri sildim demo kategorileri sildim yani 

yeni baştan eklemek için simdi siteye giremiyorum admin panel aktif ama siteye girişte 

500 Server Error

Oops, something went wrong.

hatası alıyorum

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 * This class is the base class for all front-end "product listing" controllers,
 * like "CategoryController", that is, controllers whose primary job is
 * to display a list of products and filters to make navigation easier.
abstract class ProductListingFrontControllerCore extends ProductPresentingFrontController
     * Takes an associative array with at least the "id_product" key
     * and returns an array containing all information necessary for
     * rendering the product in the template.
     * @param array $rawProduct an associative array with at least the "id_product" key

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