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ps_categorytree Help needed showing Root Category on Index


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Hi All, 

Im having an issue with the ps_categorytree

Under the Category Tree links I have set it to the setting Current category, unless it has no subcategories, in which case the parent category of the current category is used

The problem im facing is on the Home/Index page When I first visit the Home page it shows all the categories on the left column, when I drill into the categories it does seem

to behave normally, but the problem comes in when I go back to the home page it doesn't show the main categories anymore but stay on the last visited category. 

Im attaching 4 screenshots 1. starting at the homepage. 2. drill in one level. 3. drill in to last level 4. back at home or index page now showing the last visited category. 


How can I have it so the home page always show the main root categories

Thank you all. 





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