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How can I get the faceted search filters in the left column to collapse.

The colours option on my site has quite a few colours and therefore the list is very long. see https://www.nwecigs.co.uk/10-ecigarette-kits

If possible I would like it where all are collapsed by default, and when clicking a + by the title name, that one expands. (This does currenly work on the mobile version)

But when clicking another +, that should expand and close the other that was previously expanded. (This part currently doesnt work on the mobile)

I have done the theme myself via the child theme files so im ok editing the files.


I dont know if it would be possible, but to collapse to show a maximum of say 4 options would be good.

Thanks in advance

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That feature is not part of the original faceted search module, even though you could do the following:

1. Use the checkbox option with a  limited 4-5 elements (than it will show 4-5 variables than the rest will be showed by a show more button at the bottom!

2. You could use a dropdown option - that would solve your issue instantly. 

3. You can build in such a  feature in about 1h - directly into the faceted search module to have that Class Id act as wanted (this needs a programmer)

Kind Regards, 



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Hi, cheers for the reply.

I have tried limiting the checkbox to 4 items, it does that but there is no "show more" and looking into the code explorer, there is only 4 li items produced so there is nothing to "unhide"

Screenshot 2021-01-04 at 20.54.52.png

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