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Group products by Category in the Search Results, prestashop 1.7


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Hello everyone,

I would like if you could help me with this: I need the search result page to list products grouped by category name.

Example: When I search (in a faceted search) for car parts, the result should be viewed like this:

Brake System (category)

        Brake pad 1 (product 1 thumb)

        Brake pad 2 (roduct 2 thumb)

        Brake disc (product 3 thumb)

Suspension System (category)

        Shock absorber (product 4 thumb)

        Helical spring (product 5 thumb)


Attach a graphic view for a better understanding.

How can I make it possible?  I'm working on Prestashop 1.7 and have access to all platform (backend and system files).

I will really be grateful with your help Thank you in advance.

graphic view.PNG

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