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Searchable results can't enter on then (not clickable)

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I bought AngarTheme from prestashop and when I search for products, it finds them for me, but I can't click on any result to enter in the product. I use prestashop

Can you help me

site: https://macoshop.ro/



In chrome f12 it appears that when i click on a product searched

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'url' of undefined

at HTMLInputElement.select (bottom-afe75c94.js:399)

at a.<computed>.<computed>._trigger (bottom-afe75c94.js:398)

at a.<computed>.<computed>.menuselect (bottom-afe75c94.js:398)

at HTMLUListElement.h (bottom-afe75c94.js:398)

at HTMLUListElement.dispatch (bottom-afe75c94.js:39)

at HTMLUListElement.g.handle (bottom-afe75c94.js:39)

at Object.trigger (bottom-afe75c94.js:39)

at HTMLUListElement.<anonymous> (bottom-afe75c94.js:39)

at Function.each (bottom-afe75c94.js:28)

at m.fn.init.each (bottom-afe75c94.js:28)


Error when site wants to

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).bxSlider is not a function
    at (index):6200
    at dispatch (bottom-afe75c108.js:39)
    at g.handle (bottom-afe75c108.js:39)



I saw a thing when I refresh the page a few times it goes to enter them but the slider doesn't work either. I don't understand if I refresh it doesn't work then it works  after 4 more refreshments.

2 refresh page works, next 3 refresh page not works neither the slider. Or it works after i delete cache from performance. Then after 2 refresh page not works . Help me please this theme is bought from your site.



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