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Show dynamic numeric cost after changing currency


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In the file themes\my_theme_name\order-confirmation.tpl, I've added a script that deals with conversion from the default U.S Dollars to a different currency. The default value is '1.0'. I want to change it so it will be dynamic and show the actual numeric value of each sale. It doesn't have to convert the actual value of the other currency from Dollars, just to present the actual number that shows in the final stage of the checkout page.

This is the script for that event:

<!-- Event snippet for Purchase conversion page -->
gtag('event', 'conversion', {
  'send_to': 'AW-478975597/oWuGCNClj-wBEO2ssuQB', 
  'value': 1.0,
  'currency':  'ILS', 
  'transaction_id': ''

Should the value line be an empty string, of is there a different solution?


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