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After upgrading to i have issues with adding features to product. 
I have few blank position in my list of features and i' able to add these to product and save it. But when i try to add actual value i get error saying this value is not valid.




Debug mode doesnt show anything except these:image.thumb.png.62fc097dc89ee578536f5caf7e40d470.png


On my test website there is no such issue

There is no problem if the list of values is small. For example one group of features with 21 values works fine, but with over 100 values this issue showsup.
One group of features has over 3000 values.

It looks like its a list rendering issue.

Once u save one value from the features group you are able to change it to different value and save it without problems.


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Whats your PHP version?

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5 hours ago, JBW said:

Whats your PHP version?

PHP 7.2.33
Test site is on the same server as main, both have the same settings. But only main one has this issue.

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