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Link carriers to each product on product-list


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Today I'm adding visual stickers to my products in order to show the user which carriers will be available, so they won't have a cart with 10 products delivered and 1 to pickup in store.
They'll immediately know what they can do.

No problem on single product page, adding this in ProductController.php is enough :

                'pictures' => $pictures,
                'textFields' => $text_fields,
                'carriers' => $this->product->getCarriers(),

The point comes to product-list page ... I can't seem to find out what I can do to link the carriers to each product of the category (currently looking in CategoryController).

Does anybody have already done something like this ? 

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I could go a little further, in ProductListingFrontController,

protected function doProductSearch($template, $params = array(), $locale = null)
        if ($this->ajax) {
            header('Content-Type: application/json');

        } else {
            $variables = $this->getProductSearchVariables();


All listing products are inside $variables, but looking in the documentation of Prestashop, I can't seem to find how to access products and loop through them.

Still nobody has a lead to this issue ?

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