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1.7.6 : Modify Detail product in backoffice


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Hello, I am finishing migrating a 1.5 prestashop to 1.7.6 with a lot of customization. I have a big problem.

My client already had 4000 categories (yes yes you read that correctly) and there we go to 14000 categories (in short, we installed a module to manage (in ajax, wksearchplus module) motorcycle brands, displacement, model, year which makes a huge demulplication of categories).

The module works well rated front office, no worries, it's efficient. Not against side, back office, when creating or updating a product, it is extremely long because as we arrive on the "essential" tab, it loads the 14000 categories in unfolded, bottom right.

Charging time: 2min30. If I delete the categories in the essentials.html.twig file, load time 5 seconds. moreover, in version 1.5, the categories were on a separate tab and the categories were loaded folded and loaded in ajax if we clicked on the + So, I will either want to go back to working 1.5 or shift the categories to a dedicated tab or to the options tab for example.

But it's complex at the file level, I tried to go to step6 but bugs. Has anyone ever had the same problem? How did you do? Thank you 

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