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Trouble with Link List Widget maybe causing format issues


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I'm using v 1.7.4 classic theme

My product page has lost its format about 2 hours ago while I was not working on it.  The product image had been shoved to the right making the summary and description tabs move below the image and a bit to the left.

What I had been doing was experimenting with the Link List Widget to see what my Content Links would look like at the top of my page and also in the left hand column of the product page....

In trying to debug the product  page with the console I noticed a <div> in two places I did not recognize as part of my product page.  It was the following:  <div class="col-med-4 links>...</div>.  When I scrolled over it a marker pointed to an empty spot with a blue line across it on the product page with the perfect width to be shoving my image over.  When I scrolled over the other occurrence of this same <div> another marker pointed to a spot above the header which also was empty but with a line.  In both these places I had tried placing my link list but then decided against it and placed it back in the footer.  

Could it be that some type of invisible <div> is still there?  How do I resolve this in order to put my product page back in order.  I've attached the screenshot of my product page with the debug console.

Thank you for any much appreciated help.

invisible div.png

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Hello Mr. Tengler,

YEP!  That was all I had to do.  For anyone who may have this happen to them.  This is what fixed the left over <div>'s

- As Mr. Tengler pointed out, I went to Design->Positions.

- I filled the All Modules field with the option of Link List.  Each hook it was still placed in I just unhooked it except for the Footer

- Refreshed my browser and all it well.

Thank you very much.  🙂

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The simple solution is always when you are not looking for a complex solution.
Always get rid of the fear, fear of the complexity of Prestashop.
When he doesn't try, he doesn't know 😉

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