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Specific price for one country


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Hello guys,

i'm a newbie and i'm looking for a solution that can allow me to show the final price of an item into the product page for one specific country. We have done special discounts for some countries.
I'm trying to use the function:

Product::getPriceStatic($id_product, $usetax = true, $id_product_attribute = null, $decimals = 6, $divisor = null,

        $only_reduc = false, $usereduc = true, $quantity = 1, $force_associated_tax = false, $id_customer = null, $id_cart = null,

        $id_address = null, &$specific_price_output = null, $with_ecotax = true, $use_group_reduction = true, Context $context = null,

        $use_customer_price = true);


But with this i can only use and id_address to get it. There is a way to get the final price for a specific country?

Many thanks


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