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Hebrew Translations Gets Updated to Arabic


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EDIT: So apparently I had a weird bug in my DB the I had arabic in my meta_lang table with ID #2 and Hebrew with ID #3, but in the lang table I had Hebrew as ID #2  (no Arabic at all). I fixed this by deleting Hebrew from my languages page, setting the lang table's Auto-Increment to 3 and then installing Israel again.


Hi everyone!

I'm having a very odd issue: I installed a Hebrew localization pack on my Prestashop, but all of my Traffic & SEO URLs are showing up in Arabic, when they should be in Hebrew.

I tried doing "Add / Update a language" for Hebrew, but they stay in Arabic (and any changes I make also change to Arabic). Is there a way I can fix this without having to manually translate all the URL info? 

Attached a screenshot of the issue. Using Prestashop

Thank you!


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