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Forwarding of Customer Services/Webmaster emails in 1.7?


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So one further issue I have discovered is I no longer receive the webmaster & customer services emails in my inbox.  

I have done some looking around and I vaguely remember back when originally configuring the shop there was some php mail override or something along them lines that had to be done manually (this was about 5 years ago so somewhat vague!!)

However since upgrading to 1.7 this appears to no longer work and the only way I know if a someone has sent a request to Customer Services is to log in the BO and check it - obviously this is very inefficient.  

All my email setting work fine - I can do the test email, I received orders placed email and I can reply to Customer Services messages without issues - so it's not an email config issue just as in 1.6.  So surely there is an easy way to enable this in 1.7? 




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It's ridiculous that there is no method to forward the customer services emails to my email - I have been so busy with things this month and I have literally forgot to check the Backoffice and had a month full of missed emails simply because they aren't forwarded. 

This seriously is a step backwards to 1.6 - I am considering just removing the contact page and forcing people to send emails - however people don't always want to write separate emails especially if they are mobile . .  

So does anyone know of a way of forwarding the Customer Services messages to email? 

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