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It may be related to the fact that your website seems a big fraud (even if it's not).

Above the footer there are some low quality icons. Remove them or put some fine cut (probably Font Awesome or equivalent).

On your contact details put more information. You have no street number. So this enhances suspicions.

You have no SSL.

You have no cookies & gdpr modules.

Some photos have some blurry background.

Don't take my advice the wrong way but if I were a user arriving in your website I would think that you

made the project on a hurry to gain some fraud payments and go away as suddenly as you showed up.

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Hello there,

First of all, your visual content should be high-quality. No pixel pictures from free photo stocks! 

Then try to work on your trust flow, users won't buy anything if the appearance of the website is spamy or looks fraud.

Maybe remake the site's navigation? And I'd remove "New products" section from the main page. Better be a blog/news instead.

If you have time, you may check my project, just in case you want to pick up some design features or etc.



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