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Move Products to New Category based on Condition


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Good Morning Friends

I have created a new category called '$1 Store' at my Prestashop website. Now , I want to move all my products with $1 price or less than (but excluding free with 0.00) that to this new category. Of course, I don't want to remove products from my old categories.

This new category will be over and above the old catgories. Hence, if any of my product with $1 price is appearing in 'X' category then I want to move this product in new $1 category as well

At last, this product will be available in both X and $1 category. Please suggest how to do this. I have more than 50 categories and sub categories on my store.

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The best will be a mini module that will use the product update hook.
The id of the category to which the product is to be included is set in the module.

price €15

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