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Need experts suggestions.


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Hello mate

I need to promote my shop. Is there any problem if I purchase the opportunity of guest posting at other sites?

Shout out to experts, will the procedure work? or any personalized suggestion of yours would be highly appreciated.


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From my 8 years experience....

Why you want to purchase such links? Pretty sure those sites will have a lot links and will be flagged by Google if not yet. It only matters of time when you get penelized for this. It's always better one good link then any paid links on any paid sites.... also backlinks don't inpact your ranking so much as it was like 3 ir 5 years ago...

Want good SEO? Then work on content you have. Make it as good as possible for your end user and everything else will come later.

Google is always looking for best content to they users. You can have bad seo but if content is good then it doesn't matter so much, you will be on the top....

Want to promote your site? Then do it via facebook, instagram and any other social media sites. You get followers, clicks, sales then it means your content is good enought to increase your ranking...

And most important. Don't forget that whatever you do, someone could do it better and that's why your ranking position is not going higher, then check what they do and do it better...

Hope that helps.

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Hey George,

I agree with what Verlonimo said - building content is the best way to show up higher on Google. Secondly, your ranking on google is not guaranteed.

There are a few things that you can do right away:

  • Start posting content (like Verlonimo said) on social media so people can follow, like, share it. As it grows in popularity, your reach will grow as well
  • Try to post question-answers (if this is relevant to your store) in places like Quora. Google has started weighing a bit heavily on these. You might want to consult SEO specialists as well if you feel the need. They are aware of latest trends.
  • If you have a lot of products, the products themselves can help you market if you sign up on Google Merchants.
  • I am developer of a module which can help you get more organic traffic through Google: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/48686-1-long-tail-seo.html . It will allow you to pick keywords and build targeted pages for them, that are SEO-friendly. We have shown 4x traffic growth just in 2 months for some of our customers. It will greatly augment your other efforts.

I hope it helps.

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