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Does anybody knows where slider products in homepage is generate (code)?
Slider in large screens is all right (UL with 4 LI inside) and so on...but in mobile is the same, só de result is that i have blocks of 4 LI that moves as one, and i wanna achive  in mobile only 2 LI...

Can anyone give me a hint where is the code or i can achive this on mobile?

slider on mobile.png

slider on large screens.png

code in inspector.png

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if i remember you use 1.6 version
it seems you use Leo theme ( I don't have it)  - therefore i would start there
1.at first i would check there "product-list.tpl file" and compare with "themes/default-bootstrap/product-list.tpl " ( Focused on the line 49 )
2.if you don't find differences, then try to find the themes tpl files, that contains the term "ajax_block_product" 

During comparing the piece of tpl code containg

<li class="ajax_block_product" ...

 Inspire yourself by the line 49  in "themes/default-bootstrap/product-list.tpl"  


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