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Javascript stops working after selecting any product combination


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Hi guys! I added a button using contentBox (https://contentbox.org/) on my product page. The thing is that I have a javascript associated to the button, so that the popup window that is opened when you click it changes dinamically regarding the product. The code works fine until you select any combination. Let's say you change the color of the product, or the size. Then the button just doesn't work. If you click it, it doesn't do anything. I've tried attaching the script in the content box module, putting the script in product.tpl, putting the script in a separate folder and calling it from product.tpl and the result is always the same.

Maybe it is related to the fact that the URL changes when you select any combination.


Here's the HTML of the contentBox:

<div class="btn" id="boton-tabla-talles">
	<span>tabla de talles</span>

And here's the javascript:

$(document).ready(function () {
    console.log("Script de tabla de talles.");
	var imageURL = $(".product-images.js-qv-product-images li:last-child img").attr('data-image-large-src');
	 $(".product-images.js-qv-product-images li:last-child").css("display","none");
	$("#boton-tabla-talles").click(function (event) {
		imageURL = $(".product-images.js-qv-product-images li:last-child img").attr('data-image-large-src');
		window.open(imageURL, "popupWindow", "width=513,height=513,scrollbars=yes");

Thanks in advance!

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