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Not just any back button


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I've searched and found solutions for back buttons, but they don't work for my scenario.

Use Case:

Step 1:User clicks into product product_img_link, either from the HOME page (no category) OR clicks into the product via a category page or subcategory page.

Step 2: User selects a combo. Price updates on product page. User selects another combo (we could have 20 combos on a single product).

Step 3: User clicks browser back button and wants to get back to the "previous page" Example: Category Bla Page 5 is where the product he/she clicked into is. When they click the back button, currently it steps them back thru EVERY combination they selected, finally back to the "previous page" ie Page 5 of some category.

Back button I implemented takes you back to the category, however, only appears when you come from a "category page" not the HOME page. As well, it does not take you to the page in the category you were browsing from ie page 5.

Does this make sense? I'm looking for a solution that takes me back to the previous page if possible. I'm not scared of some coding.

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Or create function from custom.js

function goMyBackButton() {


add tpl file:

<a href="#" onclick="goMyBackButton()">Back to previous page</a>



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