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erro with migrate from another database to prestashop

Abo Anas

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Hello All :

many thanks in advance for who help or trying

i have system{ not prestashop system but its made individually } that contain customers and categories and subcategories and products now i try to go to presta and migrate database i did script to get fields from old database to the prestashop like

in category tables 

$sql="insert into {$this->pprefex}category (id_parent, id_shop_default, level_depth, nleft, nright, active, date_add, date_upd, `position`, is_root_category) values (2, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, '{$create_time}','{$update_time}', 0, 1)";

$sql="insert into {$this->pprefex}category_lang values ({$newcust}, 1, 1, '{$name_en}', '', '', '', '', '')";

BTW im using the primary keys ids from the old system

in its get inserted successfully

but when  i try to edit the the category it gives me

The object cannot be loaded (or found)

thats in all inserted data product / customers / categories

can anyone tell me what i missed while inserting data ?



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On 6/23/2020 at 5:17 PM, ndiaga said:


Why  not  using  a  CVS   file?

Put  your  old  data in a   CSV   file  and  match   the  fields  accordingly  there  you  can use    the   default  import    feature.

Also  you  need  to  create  Objects one  by  one :   Categories  then  Products  then  Customers.

thank you tha's very good solution but it cant help in my situation as i need to make changes in the primary key using code before insert

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