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Prevent product to be added to cart if shipping is not compatible with products already in cart

Mercader Virtual

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This is the situation:

I have Product A that can be shipped only with Carrier 1.
I also have Product B, but this one can only be shipped with Carrier 2.

If user adds Product A to cart, I would like to throw an error and prevent the user to add Product B to cart, since there's a mismatch with the carriers.

Prestashop allows both products to be added but it doesn't show any carrier available, I guess because the incompatibility. This represents a serious UX problem since user doesn't have a clue what's going on, which will result in a lost customer.

By preventing the user to add an incompatible product to cart, and letting her know why the product can't be added, will improve a lot the shopping experience.

I will appreciate any comments on this matter.


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