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Feedback On My Store - Flowers - Not Converting Well


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I'm looking for a bit of feedback from experienced prestashop users as to how my store is looking, I've downloaded a template and set the shop up, however my page has a pretty high bounce rate, so wondered what would be better to improve?

i have had a couple of people complain that they couldnt use the checkout easy enough on a mobile, so i have sort of designed the site with mobile in mind, do you think i should have a seperate theme for that?
I'm really a bit stuck on how to go any further and need other peoples opinions to rethink where it's going wrong.

site is below:
If you can let me know what you all think, it would be greatly appreciated.


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I landed on your site. I have these observations.

More work need to be done on mobile, as i tested your page, find images attached,

The flow down menu is more of blocking my shopping experience than the intended "menu access".

Wish you well.



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