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Hi everyone. I have configured my store to use SMTP.  Configuration is working, however I noticed the from address of the emails was being set using the value of PS_SHOP_EMAIL, not the email address I had configured in the email settings.

This causes some issues for spam filters, particularly in Gmail, because the addresses don't match.

I have now updated PS_SHOP_EMAIL to match the email address configured in the SMTP settings and the emails make it through to Gmail but a warning displays next to the email saying


Gmail couldn't verify that my-domain-name.com.au actually sent this message (and not a spammer).

If Prestashop is using my SMTP settings correctly then I wouldn't expect this warning to display. Is there anything else I should set in Prestashop to ensure emails are likely to be received by customers?

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It seems that all the emails set from Prestashop have  a 'from' address based on the email address of the shop, regardless of what is configured in the SMTP settings. To get around spam blocking I have updated the shop address to be the same, although it confuses me that the SMTP account details aren't used to populate the From email header. Thought I'd post this back here in case someone else has a similar issue.

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