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Category Configuration & Product Filtering Questions

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New to Prestashop. Been using OpenCart and Lemonstand/Magento before that. Currently evaluating Prestashop for a client coming from the long discontinued LemonStand. I have two issues in converting the current store (auto parts) and looking for some advice from the experienced community.

Issue #1

This site sells auto parts (vintage Volkswagen). When I am setting up categories, I am trying to figure out the best approach in Prestashop. Would it be better to go with:

-- Bug
-- Bus
-- etc

-- Bug
-- Bus
-- etc

or go with:


and then assign the parts to multiple categories?

Issue #2

Certain parts are available for certain years of vehicles. This is less of an issue than Item #1 above as it can be just in the product description, but trying to look ahead and see if Prestashop gives me the ability to deal with this. There isn't a lot of consistency in years so I can't really use blocks of years (the following is an example, if you are VW fan, don't kill me!). 

Widget A, fits VW Bug 1949-57

Widget B, fits VW Bug 1949-57 AND VW Bus 1952-61

Widget C, fits all VWs up to 1967

Is there a way to deal with this in Prestashop? As stated, not a requirement, just want to make sure I am seeing all the capabilities.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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