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set unlimited stock availibity for certain customer group


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Hello, I'm working on my store and I need a certain customer group to buy items without decreasing stock availability. Basically the customer group is for "stockists" so they need to buy big amounts of items (sometimes more than the ones available), but I don't want that to hit the actual product availability for normal customers. Setting the order options to "confirm anyway" when it's out of stock it's not a good idea, I need the items to be available for normal customers, stockist just need to set the quantity and send the order, the item will be delivered from a different stock. 

If there's a module that does that, let me know please. But I don't think it shluld be difficult to edit that in the code, I just need to prevent product decrease when a (customer group) stockist buy things. 

I would like to do that in the best and simple way possibile.

Stockists would pruchase the item like anyone else but without impacting the availability. 

I mean, it sounds like a good feature too for customer groups.

Thank you!

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