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Lägga till varukorg?


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Good morning, day or evening (depending on when you're reading this) I have an issue with the shopping cart on my web shop. The issue is that its not visible or that you can't add any product to the cart. You're able to see the prices on every single product but that's the magic stops so to say.

I currently running on prestashop version with a standard theme and a cart made by prestashop v2.0.3

I've tried to:

- Add payment method

- Configure the module

- Change positions on the cart

- Running around in the settings

- Different web browsers

-read the manual

-webchat with prestashop (unfortunately with the sales department)

-google the living hell out of this issue

All without success.


This might be my first webshop but I feel like this shouldn't be this complicated so I'm up for any suggestion. Have I missed something important or is it just a button module that I have to purchase? Thanks in advance for any sort of help and have beautiful day!

/ Nick

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