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9 hours ago, ggyyvv said:

Are category names displayed correctly in the table "ps_category_lang"?

Yes, names in category_lang are displayed correctly (first screenshot) as and in pruduct_lang (second screenshot) etc.

Also categories are displayed correctly in Catalog/Products Menu of Admin panel (third screenshot).

Screenshot_2020-03-17 shon com ua localhost shon_pres760 psgn_category_lang phpMyAdmin 4 9 0 1.png

Screenshot_2020-03-17 shon com ua localhost shon_pres760 psgn_product_lang phpMyAdmin 4 9 0 1.png

Screenshot_2020-03-17 Products • shon com ua.png

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1 hour ago, ggyyvv said:

there are no problems on the clean version of the Prestashop
try to install a clean version and connect your database

Thx for your answers. I want to make a next addition.

In previous PS installation i had problems with a russian letter "И".

Therefore in current installation at once after installation I copied from DbMySQLi.php in DbPDO.php next code:

// UTF-8 support
if (!$this->link->query('SET NAMES \'utf8\'')) {
    throw new PrestaShopDatabaseException(Tools::displayError('PrestaShop Fatal error: no utf-8 support. Please check your server configuration.'));

It solved issue of "И" and all works well but a not critical above issue with back-end categories exists... ((

Maybe a categories module uses another settings to connect to DB (not DbPDO.php file) or if it make a select query then it do not use utf8 settings?..
Back-end is codded on Symfony and it is very difficult understand a code...

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13 hours ago, ggyyvv said:

as you see, everything works
try to remove all your corrections

I use "$this->link->query('SET NAMES \'utf8\'')" because there is "init connect SET NAMES cp1251" in the mysql database settings in hosting using by me.
I can't change it to utf8 because I don't have rights (mysql error #1227).
Therefore I use that corrections...

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6 hours ago, ggyyvv said:

specify which hosting?

I don't know, me need to ask my employer, I have login for admin cPanel only.

5 hours ago, ggyyvv said:

although, I think it's easier to change this hosting
please specify if you modified other files?

I did not modify any files more.


6 hours ago, ggyyvv said:

How is displayed if edited?

In edition mode all okay see attachment.

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