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Hi all,


I´m really desperated as I do not find where the problem is. I would appreaciate any help on this topic. Thanks in advance.

Since one month, one month and half the nuember of errors in serach console about product comments are increasing and no ide how to solve it. I already reset the module and look into main files but unable to find the origin of this error.

In example on url (But it happens in more and more products urls): https://www.delica-te-zen.com/comprar-rooibos/122-rooibos-leyendas-arabes.html?search_query=leyenda&results=1

I got in search console this result:


If openign the first one, i.e. I got this alarm: (Element do not admit comments)


If click on the error to check the code:


If I check other kind of error (grade) i got the details like this:


And details in the code looks like this:



Could someone help me or give me a tarck to solve this issue?


Thanks in advance!!

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