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[SOLVED] Images not showing with Friendly URL on in english lang


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Hello! I'm facing problems with the option "Friendly URL" on.
My problem: I've two languages installed: italian (it) and english (en). In italian (which is the default lang) everything is ok. When I switch to english, product's images are not shown. 
I've tried everything, from regenerating htaccess to regenerate thumbnails. Server is Nginx.
If I disable "Friendly URL" images are shown in english language of the site, but for reasons, I have the option "Friendly URL" to be on.
Shop URL is "shop.maisonoperative.com".

Thank you in advance to everyone!




The client is using a software to sync products between the store and prestashop.
This program was not syncing products in english, too.
So I've run a SQL query to copy title and description from italian to english.
This doesn't fix the problem itself. Seems like you need to open the product from BO, switch from italian to english and just save.
This made the images shows up on the frontend.


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Hi for those that have not yet found a solution, one possible cause is that the product has not link_rewrite value.

Go to the table ps_product_lang -> link_rewrite, it MUST have information, otherwise there is no information to build the image URL when URL friendly is active

Hope it helps!

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