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[SOLVED] Product attachements in cart


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10 minutes ago, ndiaga said:

Try  this  code:

{assign  var=attachment   value=Product::getAttachmentsStatic((int)$id_lang, $product.id_product) }

Of  course  you should have  the $id_lang in the template  already  if not   call it.

Sorry but what do you mean by "in the template"

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9 minutes ago, ndiaga said:

The file  you said here : "Attachements are null. There is surely something I don't understand."   in that file you are editing .

yes I mean how do I know if $id_lang is in the template ? I use classic/default theme. Is is by default in or have I something to do ? How can i call it ?

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15 hours ago, ndiaga said:

Learn by doing.

I managed to do it by adding $id_lang to Smarty value in CartController.php in initContent() :

  'cart' => $presented_cart,
  'static_token' => Tools::getToken(false),
  'id_lang' => $this->context->language->id


Thank you very much !

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