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Can't log in to back office, redirects me always to login page (no error).

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When I put my credentials to the login page it keeps reloading the page, the password and email are right and no error is displayed but it keeps displays login form.


this is my login url: my.domain/admindirectory/index.php?controller=AdminLogin&token=THE_TOKEN&redirect=AdminDashboard

So after I click 'log in' it opens this login page again, but in fact I am already logged in, because if I change the controller name in the url from Adminlogin to for example "asdf" it opens the backoffice (with me logged in) displaying message "The controller asdf is missing or invalid".

When I change the controller in the url to for example: AdminCarriers  then it opens a page with a message "Invalid security token" - "take me out of here", or: "I understand the risks", when I click that I understand then it opens back office. After few moments the log in screen showes up again, and again i can not login.

I've cleared the cache, turned off "check the cookie IP", turned on the debug mode, cleared all cookies, manually cleared cache from ftp, removed .httaccess content, turned off plugins I don't use - nothing helped.

The most strange thing is if I try to log in in private mode then it goes without problem, or other browser also work. But I was using the firefox before and there was no problem, also I have copy of the website locally on my machine and it also never had such problems.

Now I see also when I click "my profile" then it again redirects me to the login page.

Any idea of what can be broken? 


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Sorry this isn't a solution.

I've got the same problem here. My back office has HTTP 500 error, and in debug mode it just refreshes every time I login.

I saw that it works when you go in private mode, so thank you for that, I can now login.

Have you found a permanent fix for this?

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