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Sub-Menu with Categories product and CMS Page


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Hi everybody,

in Prestashop 1.7.6, using Main menu module (my version 2.1.1). I'dd like create a submenu where coexists one link to a categories product and one link to a CMS Page. Example I click on Clothes then in sub menu I can see Men, Women and link to a CMS Page. 

in Dashboard -> Improve -> design -> pages I can create pages and categories for pages, but I cannot add products category or link to a products categories. 

in Dashboard -> Sell -> Catalog -> Categories I can create products categories, but I cannot add CMS Pages or a link to CMS Pages.

At the same in Main menù module I can add. Products categories, CMS Page or link but only at menu Top level, I cannot add a submenu with products categories and CMS Page at the same sub-level, 

Someone have any Idea to help me? Thank you


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It's true, like you, I've searched and searched. In the exact same place. Reasoning: ditto.
And like you, when I ask the question in this kind of forum in general, I'm wasting my time.
Sometimes a charitable soul answers me and helps me a lot and these people who answer, I love them, I adore them, I even venerate them and above all I say a big thank you to them!

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