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PS 16 > PS 17 upgrade issues with BO English language and more.


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Hi there,

I'm preparing a large upgrade from 1.6.x to 1.7.x latest of one of my clients sites. It's a multistore prestashop site with more than 30k products and a lot of activity. We've set up a dev environment to slowly start testing out PS17 and see what the things are that we might need to fix / correct before going live. 

In our first trial run we saw a lot of issues upgrading. 500's on the BO, Prestashops own modules that are now causing issues etc.

The current issue I've landed at is the Prestashop BO. My shop is in dutch (nl-NL) and we still have the english locale installed for back office work.When I switch my superadmin account to english (because I hate the dutch back office) my screen fills up with random ascii art, as well as untranslated (base) strings - e.g. the menu is untranslated etc.


1) Where does this gibberish come from? Will I need to remove / test every module?
2) Why aren't the base strings translated in english? How can I 'rebuild' the BO translations in PS17

Furthermore I've got a few 'custom' modules for payment providers (local payment provider) that we used in PS16 but

3) A few of my modules are on disk, and in the modules DB Table, but the payment method is not visible in the modules page. How is this possible? What is the criteria for showing the modules

Also I found out that the modules page was overhauled, and shows modules that require an update in a separate tab.

4) How come it says I have 43 updates in the tab, but when I click it, it only shows me 6 modules?

I've updated all modules manually from the module overview page, but this is not something I'd like to do every time.


My main issue is with the English stuff in the back office, the rest is soemthing I can find out myself.

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