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Shipping costs (small items)

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Hi, just starting to use PrestaShop, like it!

Our shop has tiny little things that can be send bij "normal" mail (envelope) and bigger items that needs to be send in a box. We've setup the shipping cost with a price range:

for example:

€ 0,- / € 100,- => 6,95
€ 100,- / 200,- => 4,95
€ 200 + => free shipping.

Just fine, but when a shopper only oders small items that will fit in an envelope, it is not good to take the 6,95 shipping cost. How can we arrange this in PrestaShop? How to know when an order fits an envelope of a bigger box and adjust the shipping costs to it....


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The ‘Ship in 3D’ shipping module uses a 3D packing algorithm to verify that each product of the order fits into one of the available package types. Each shipping method has its own independent selection of package types. Each package type has its own price, dimensions, empty weight and maximum weight.

By using the Ship in 3D module you could configure one shipping method that has a selection of only a small package types, such as an envelopes, that can only hold your tiny products. Then you could configure an other shipping method that has one or more larger package types, such as carton boxes, available for bigger products.

The module also allows setting minimum and maximum order sub total, so that could take care of the pricing examples you gave above.

The Ship in 3D shipping module also provides many more additional shipping configuration settings not available otherwise.

For more info please see https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-carriers/48685-ship-in-3d.html

(My apologies for answering so late to your question. The module has been released for the first time just a couple of days ago.)

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