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Problem with product images

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Hi guys. I´m working on this page www.blancossampedro.com/store/ in prestashop

This is my problem. I have selected an image (image A) which is a generic product image as default product image, then as my product are tablecloths..  i created different product combination based en color, so i have 1 product, which are napkins, in different color combination.  I have a picture for each color (let´s call them image B, image C , Image D), so when the customer clicks on a color the store shows him the product in that specific color, and those are configured in combinations.

my problem is. i have to select 1 combination to be te default product combination, but its image (image B, image C or Image D)  overrides my first generic product image (image A). so that in my category view a product details appears...and i don't want that.


Any suggestion?


Sorry for my english btw


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I have almost the same problem as you, I also want to show on the page categories - products the image A (and another in the hover)
I found the code of how to load the images, but I don't know how to modify it.
in theory you should not use $ product.cover, but image $

<div class="thumbnail product-thumbnail relative flex-container">

      {block name='product_thumbnail'}
      <a href="{$product.url}" class="relative{foreach from=$product.images item=image}{if ($image.cover != 1)} subimage-true{break}{/if}{/foreach}">
        {if $product.cover}
          {include file='catalog/_partials/product-image.tpl' image=$product.cover type=$type}
          {if Configuration::get('pm_hover_image') == true}
            {foreach from=$product.images item=image}
              {if ($image.cover != 1)}
                {include file='catalog/_partials/product-image.tpl' image=$image type=$type}
          <img src="{$urls.no_picture_image.bySize.large_default.url}" style="width:100%;">


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