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Customer reassurance Bug / Crash

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I have problem, i'm using presta and i have updated this module ''Customer Reassurance'' and all my product of my catalog disappared on my front end. This module seems have a bug with my version because it's not saving and also not showing the module on the website,  Because off this no orders! no one can make checkt out.

I have now disabled and the website is working. But I need also help!  How i can download and install the older version of this   module ''Customer Reassurance'' because this was working fine. I need the version from 2018.


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I just noticed today the same problem. I'm using Prestashop 1.7.3 and wanted to adapt the text in Customer Reassurance module but had to updated, which I did, but then all the 3 block texts ( Secure payment, Delivery & free return policy) spearheaded. In the back office when I'm entering the module via Configure there are 3 blocks (empty) and they are disabled.

Are the people from Prestashop aware of this problem? Is very frustrating, every time when there is an update of one of their Modules...to get in problems...



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Same problem here! From today, I've updated the module and the new version doesn't work. Block isn't display on the product page and can't save after edit the module configuration. 'Save' button doesn't works!

I've tried unistalling and reinstalling the older one, config runs properly but the block has not shown anymore!

There's any solution?

Best regards,


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