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HTTP 500 error by adding cart to back-end


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In the newer version of prestashop i encountered a weird bug when you add the cart tot the back-end. the debug mode screenshot is below. and the code is below the screenshot.


require 'config/config.inc.php';
require 'init.php';


        $id = isset($_SESSION['Cart_ID']) ? (int)$_SESSION['Cart_ID'] : null;

        $cart = new Cart($id, null);

        $cart->save(); // problem is just in this line

        $_SESSION['Cart_ID'] = $cart->id;

        if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] === "POST")
            if(isset($_POST['add_to_cart'], $_POST['id_product']) || !empty($_POST['id_product']))
                $cart->updateQty(1, $_POST['id_product']);
                header("Location: index.php");
 catch (PrestaShopException $e)
 	echo $e;


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