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Loyalty points reward based on each product


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Currently the Customer loyalty and rewards module only allow to configure global wide settings :
10 US = 1 reward point
1 point = 0.2 US for the discount

I wonder is there any module allow to configure points reward based on each product.
Eg. Product A = 100 points, Product B = 350 points, etc

Because each product has difference profit margin.
For those higher profit margin, we can give more points to customer.

How much each point worth can refer to global settings, 1 point = 0.2 US.
Products that not with points specified individually can use the global settings too, 10 US = 1 reward point.

Any idea how much work or which area to look for in order to achieve this?

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By utilize existing unused reference field, I may face the problem if I need the field someday later.

I'm thinking to store the product's loyalty points in another table.
By doing this way, I'm sure the field only for the points and no casting is needed.
No upgrade/migrate issue to newer version later, since I didn't touch on the core.

Currently, the points calculation just needed global wide settings on loyalty points.
My only concern is, will there be any performance issue by introduce extra table?
because I need to join the new table in order to get individual product's loyalty points.

Minor or unnoticeable performance impact for this to be implemented is acceptable.
Will try to enhance on existing module to adapt my needs and see how it goes. :)

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