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Impossibile accedere a pannello di controllo dopo cambio URL

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Ho un grosso problema dopo aver cambiato l'URL base del mio prestashop (v.1.7.6)
Premetto che fino a poco fa funzionava tutto correttamente.
Ho spostato tutti i file dal percorso miosito.com/test a miosito.com. Ho modificato il physical uri da "/test" a "/".
Adesso il frontoffice funziona normalmente ma se provo ad accedere al backoffice questo è l'errore che mi viene fuori:


(1/1) RuntimeException

The autoloader expected class "Doctrine\DBAL\Types\IntegerType" to be defined in file "/web/htdocs/www.sito.it/home/vendor/composer/../doctrine/dbal/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Types/IntegerType.php". The file was found but the class was not in it, the class name or namespace probably has a typo.

in DebugClassLoader.php line 293

at DebugClassLoader->checkClass('Doctrine\\DBAL\\Types\\IntegerType', '/web/htdocs/www.sito.it/home/vendor/composer/../doctrine/dbal/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Types/IntegerType.php')in DebugClassLoader.php line 160

at DebugClassLoader->loadClass('Doctrine\\DBAL\\Types\\IntegerType')

at spl_autoload_call('Doctrine\\DBAL\\Types\\IntegerType')in Type.php line 174

at Type::getType('integer')in AbstractPlatform.php line 247

at AbstractPlatform->initializeAllDoctrineTypeMappings()in AbstractPlatform.php line 394

at AbstractPlatform->registerDoctrineTypeMapping('enum', 'string')in ConnectionFactory.php line 57

at ConnectionFactory->createConnection(array('driver' => 'pdo_mysql', 'host' => '', 'port' => '', 'dbname' => 'xxxxxxxxxxx', 'user' => 'xxxxxxxxxx', 'password' => 'xxxxxxxxxx', 'charset' => 'UTF8', 'driverOptions' => array('SET sql_mode=(SELECT REPLACE(@@sql_mode,\'ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY\',\'\'))'), 'serverVersion' => 5.0999999999999996, 'defaultTableOptions' => array()), object(Configuration), object(ContainerAwareEventManager), array('enum' => 'string'))in appDevDebugProjectContainer.php line 1020

at appDevDebugProjectContainer->getDoctrine_Dbal_DefaultConnectionService()in appDevDebugProjectContainer.php line 1050

at appDevDebugProjectContainer->getDoctrine_Orm_DefaultEntityManagerService()in Container.php line 306

at Container->get('doctrine.orm.default_entity_manager')in ManagerRegistry.php line 48

at ManagerRegistry->getService('doctrine.orm.default_entity_manager')in AbstractManagerRegistry.php line 231

at AbstractManagerRegistry->getManagers()in ProxyCacheWarmer.php line 49

at ProxyCacheWarmer->warmUp('/web/htdocs/www.sito.it/home/var/cache/dev')in CacheWarmerAggregate.php line 52

at CacheWarmerAggregate->warmUp('/web/htdocs/www.sito.it/home/var/cache/dev')in Kernel.php line 684

at Kernel->initializeContainer()in Kernel.php line 135

at Kernel->boot()in Kernel.php line 195

at Kernel->handle(object(Request), 1, false)in index.php line 88

Sono ore che cerco ma non riesco proprio a risolvere.
Ringrazio anticipatamente chi vorrà rispondere.

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