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Problem after compiling assets for admin/themes/new-theme/


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I wondered if anyone had ran into the issue below and could provide me tips for solving it.

I need to make a change to the Stock management page in the back office, which has been migrated to Symfony and uses modules such as webpack and vue.js.

Therefore I did the following:

Downloaded the developer version of the admin folder (admin-dev) from https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop
Installed all necessary modules into the /admin/themes/new-theme/ using the command npm install.

All works well so far, I made the necessary changes to the stock page and ran npm build to make the changes live.  All good so far and the changes were visible in the back office stock management page.

However, I then switched to the Catalog > Products > Edit Products and notice a bunch of errors which breaks the functionality of this page.

The above was done on Prestashop

Errors are attached.

Why is the build producing problems?  Have I missed something? Any help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


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