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tpl file changes not showing

Jess Chen

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I am trying to remove the "security question" from Enquiry product form. But I couldn't see any changes after I have done the updates.

I have checked the setting on the backend, Advanced Parameters --> Performance --> 

Smarty:    Template compilation: force compilation, Cache: No.

And I have also tried to manually delete the cache -> Smarty -> cache and cache -> Smarty -> compile.

I am sure I edited the correct files, anyone can help me with it?





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hello jessica,

are you sure edited the right file though? because you already did enough so your changes must be seen, you already set everything on backend like set Template compilation to force compilation and Cache to No

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hello Jessica,

i can't say if it's the right file because you're editing a module that is not from prestashop, therefore i don't have it and can't tell if you're editing the right file. but anyway, you know how to use developer tools right? so you can check if your editing the right file. did you check every tpl file in that module? maybe it's found somewhere in those tpl files. keep checking 😁

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1 hour ago, Jess Chen said:

Hi ApoA,

Yes, I edited the file under modules -> cmproductenquiry -> views -> templates -> front -> form.tpl to remove the "security question" section from the form.

Am I correct?


also check file locate in themes/your_themes/modules/cmproductenquiry/views/templates /front/form.tpl 

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