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Erro no final da compra a quando o pagamento

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Boas tardes a todos,
Estou iniciante no presta shop, fiz uma primeira instalaçao que tambem comecou me a aparecer erros e reinstalei tudo de novo.( Fica o site caso queiram exprimentar na compra por exemplo de transferencia ou cheques http://armazemagricola.pt/index.php)

Porem está me a aparecer um erro a quando vou fazer o pagamento( Ainda estou a tentar configurar o basico ). Tambem ainda nao acertei no iva pois isto diz-me sempre sem iva.

(1/1) UndefinedFunctionException

Attempted to call function "idn_to_ascii" from the global namespace.

in Mail.php line 901

at MailCore::toPunycode('joaofilipe6969@hotmail.com')in Mail.php line 323

at MailCore::send(2, 'cheque', 'A aguardar pagamento por cheque', array('{lastname}' => 'Pereira', '{firstname}' => 'Joao', '{id_order}' => 11, '{order_name}' => 'LAQPMZCWZ', '{followup}' => '', '{shipping_number}' => '', '{check_name}' => false, '{check_address}' => false, '{check_address_html}' => '', '{total_paid}' => '332,00 €'), 'joaofilipe6969@hotmail.com', 'Joao Pereira', 'fansro@armazemagricola.pt', 'Armazem Agricola', null, null, '/home/ox3gz8ts/public_html/mails/', false, 1)in OrderHistory.php line 552

at OrderHistoryCore->sendEmail(object(Order), array('{check_name}' => false, '{check_address}' => false, '{check_address_html}' => ''))in OrderHistory.php line 468

at OrderHistoryCore->addWithemail(true, array('{check_name}' => false, '{check_address}' => false, '{check_address_html}' => ''))in PaymentModule.php line 549

at PaymentModuleCore->validateOrder(16, '1', 332.0, 'Pagamentos por cheque', null, array('{check_name}' => false, '{check_address}' => false, '{check_address_html}' => ''), 1, false, '582d69845d78bbbffa658a5bf7ad82ce')in validation.php line 67

at Ps_CheckpaymentValidationModuleFrontController->postProcess()in Controller.php line 280

at ControllerCore->run()in Dispatcher.php line 515

at DispatcherCore->dispatch()in index.php line 28

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