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  2. Ser att versionen försvann i mitt utkast kör //Daniel
  3. southernstarhk

    selling taxed products to different countries

    do you mean this two setting? i have tried but it seems not my expectation.
  4. Hola: Tendrías que hacer un override de ambos controladores para obtener y visualizar estos campos. Es trabajo para un desarrollador. Si necesitas asistencia puedes enviarnos PM. Saludos
  5. oh oh 😊 ich kann das unterscheiden aber nicht im zusammenhang mit den mails, es kamen zweierlei- mit nachrichten über das Kontaktformular und die anmeldungen. dann kann ich da nix dagegen machen? Danke dir 😊
  6. Rolige

    selling taxed products to different countries

    I fact is country what is linked to tax rule. Look for tax rules options in Prestashop backoffice and you will find it.
  7. Gracias por contestarnos. Pero no sé si te he entendido... cómo hay que arreglarlo? Hay que modificar algún fichero del módulo de pago entonces?
  8. Forse mi sono confuso con qualche altra piattaforma...ne gestisco diverse... Configurazione standard, niente di particolare Beh dei developer che sconsigliano un modulo che viene venduto sulla loro piattaforma sono perfettamente in linea con la logica con cui è scritto questo cms, cioè nessuna! Il modulo ha funzionato perfettamente, la migrazione è andata a buon fine, i dati sono stati importati ed esportati integralmentee non è stato perso nulla. Analizzando i dati risulta sparito il vecchio utente di un cliente e anche l'ordine non compare, ma il totale delle vendite è invariato. Il cliente in questione aveva creato l'utente prima della migrazione, poi ha fatto un altro ordine dopo la migrazione ma aveva un errore al checkout in merito all'indirizzo, ma non sappiamo esattamente che errore. Dopo che ha ricreato l'utente ha fatto l'ordine, i due utenti sono rimasti attivi contemporaneamente per qualche giorno e poi quello più vecchio è sparito insieme all'ordine. Questo è quanto capitato. Non abbiamo notato altri problemi simili negli ultimi giorni, ergo, potrebbe essere stato un caso isolato dovuto a chissà cosa. Gli altri utenti a cui facevo riferimento me li aveva riferiti il cliente che gestisce il negozio, io personalmente non li ho visti.
  9. Salut, As-tu essayé avec un autre navigateur voire un autre pc ? Voir aussi cette astuce donnée par Eolia : https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/907780-prestashop-1617-bo-et-fo-trop-lent-very-vey-slow/?tab=comments#comment-2979281

    Tienda Online Prestashop de 1.6 a 1.7

    Hola, he estado revisando tu página y tiene un problema grave de navegación, da dolor de cabeza. Si quieres, ponte en contacto conmigo por teléfono o whatsapp y te ayudo a solucionarlo sin compromiso. Si yo fuera un cliente, Referente a la actualización, te la puedo hacer casi inmediatamente, sin que pierdas ni 1 solo día de tener tu tienda online. Tengo por ahí alguna plantilla que podríamos ponerle y también me encargaría de hacerte las imágenes con el Photoshop para tu nueva tienda. Si quieres llámame y lo vemos todo. Un saludo. Ana
  11. Hola: Prestashop no establece un ordenamiento de las tiendas físicas que no sea según su ID. Lo que puedes hacer es ir directamente a la tabla ps_store de tu tienda y alterar los ID para que queden organizados de acuerdo a tus necesidades. Recuerda mantener el mismo id_store de referencia en la tabla para la tabla ps_store_shop. Saludos
  12. southernstarhk

    selling taxed products to different countries

    ok i got it. that means i need to use the language linking with the tax rule.
  13. Rolige

    Compartir productos

    Hola: "Compartirlos" propiamente dicho no. Lo que puedes hacer es instalar algún modulo para que mantenga "sincronizados" tus dos Prestashop independientes. Saludos
  14. Hi all, I have a issue with product combinations, I created 2 attributes: sizes and material if I go to one product and configure everything, then hit Generate, then config the combinations with sesired prices and options and etc on product page are displayen only few of them or all of them but when I select for example a size and another material the price is not changing. Or sometimes they are simply not displayed on product page. Any idea what should I check?
  15. Tejo1

    country doesn't show up

    Hi, I have a question about multistores. For 3 countries I have a store. France, Belgium and Netherlands. In the Netherlands store I can fill in the address form the countries Netherlands and France. Here it should be only display Netherlands. In the Belgium store I i have only the option Netherlands and France but I need to display Belgium only . In the French store I can also fill in Netherlands and France. Here i need only to display France. I search and search in Prestashop to fix this problem but I cannot succeed. What do I wrong and how can I solve this. Thank you for your help, Have a fine day, Tejo
  16. Hola: Dentro del módulo de pago correspondiente en el controlador frontal de validación del pedido. Ahí se encuentra el problema y la solución a ambas preguntas. Saludos
  17. Tenemos muchos problemas con el cambio de idioma en el front end al seleccionar la pestaña el idioma, la web se congela, además de darnos una gran cantidad de errores. Es un entorno de multitienda con 10 tiendas diferentes y 2-3 idiomas en cada tienda. Busco un programador que pueda optimizarla Muchas Gracias
  18. Petit up... je pense que le problème vient de la mise à jour paypal que j'ai effectué avant hier, est-il possible que ce soit cela ? comment faire dans ce cas ? merci !
  19. Oh oh, wenn du Kontaktanfragen nicht von Kundenanmeldungen unterscheiden kannst solltest du dich erst einmal mit den Grundlagen von Prestashop beschäftigen (wobei dieser Unterschied eigentlich jedem Schulkind klar sein müßte unabhängig von Prestashop ...). Also zur Klarstellung, die melden sich als Kunden an, dabei wird dann automatisch eine Bestätigung der Anmeldung per E-Mail versandt, wobei dann die URL als Name da drin steht, d. h. der Kunde wird mit "Hallo www.cut..." angesprochen, ich kann mir ja nicht vorstellen, daß den Spammern das viel bringt, aber vielleicht ruft dann der eine oder andere diese Domain auf.
  20. Having trouble upgrading prestashop sites with the one click upgrade. sites are upgrading to the latest 1.7 [ERROR] /home/ "PRESTA INSTALL file" /public_html/ admin******* /autoupgrade/latest/prestashop does not exist or is not a directory. any ideas on what is wrong here? Activity log shows... Database backup: 57 table(s) left... Database backup done in filename V1.5.6.3_20190523-231556---. Now upgrading files... Nothing has been extracted. It seems the unzipping step has been skipped.
  21. Hello, My client is struggling with a very serious problem, and I have to admit that I am running out of ideas on how to fix it. Here's what happens and what I believe to be the cause of that problem. When you open the product page and click "Add to cart", a new modal window appears with a confirmation of adding the product to the cart. You can then either click a button to go to cart OR a button to "Continue shopping". The problem appears when you click "Continue shopping" or "X" button to close the window. The modal window closes correctly, but THEN magic happens. Product images, URL address, description and price are getting swapped to the data from another product. Some parts of the product page are correct, others are from other product. The problem seems to be with the product data being held in JavaScript code that is used when you close the modal. I noticed that PrestaShop keeps a JavaScript code that contains "var prestashop" function (?) with all the important data about the currently opened product. This data includes a link to add the product to the cart, and other things like URL, Cannonical URL, Product Description, Images and so on. Here's how the contents of this JS code look in the working, freshly installed test version of PrestaShop: You can see that on a correctly working PrestaShop the URL is the same as the one in the browser, and Canonical URL mirrors that as well. All the other data, like "name" of the product, list of the product images and so on are also correct here, because they reflect currently opened product. However, on my client's shop, the data contained in this JavaScript code is almost completely wrong. "Add to cart URL" is correct, but things like URL, Cannonical URL, Product Images are always from a different product. And it happens on all products. I suspect that when you dismiss the modal, this JavaScript code kicks in to "refresh" the content of the page. Since this code on my client's shop is wrong, the JavaScript shows images and descriptions from that other product. Can anyone at least point me in the right direction? How does PrestaShop fill the content of this JavaScript code? Is it part of some module? What is responsible for that? What can be causing incorrect data in this code? Where should I look?
  22. Hello: With {debug} sentence anywhere inside your TPL you will have a popup screen with all the vars inside smarty. There you can find anything $product contains. Regards
  23. Timpet

    Dinero og PrestaShop

    Claust, det jeg tænker jeg du godt kan. Jeg kender dog ikke storebuddy så grundlæggende. Hvem sender dine mails med fakturaen til kunden? Måske du vil fange mig på tim@linkcia.dk, så kan vi tag en dialog om det der?
  24. El Patron

    Only Show Product Prices When Logged In

    Howdy, the module can be found on PS addons here https://addons.prestashop.com/en/private-sales-flash-sales/28906-private-shop-authorized-clients-only.html
  25. Hallo allerseits, wie kann ich einen mit der Multishop-Funktion erstellten Shop wieder löschen ohne dass es mir die Kategorien und anderes im Ursprungsshop zerschießt? Selbst wenn ich den zweiten Shop nur deaktiviere, sind im Hauptshop plötzlich alle Unterkategorien weg. Und wie ja bekannt ist sind diese auch nicht einfach über einen CSV-Import wieder herzustellen da sie beim CSV-Export ja ärgerlicherweise nicht mitexportiert werden. Es ist in so einem Fall also jedesmal das Einspielen eines Datenbank-Backups nowendig. Dank für Tipps!
  26. Rolige

    selling taxed products to different countries

    Hello: You can edit your tax rules setting a different tax rate for individual contries. So when you assign that tax rule to a product, tax rate will be different regarding of your customer country. Regards
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