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Send email to user after activation in BO - 1.4.x


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I'm trying to add that feature  to my website BO but i did not succed


Even I modified  toggleStatus Function in the classes/Customer class but it still not work.

public function toggleStatus()
        /*Send mail when account is active/inactive */
        $vars = array('{firstname}' => $this->firstname, '{lastname}' => $this->lastname, '{email}' => $this->email, '{passwd}' => $password);    
        Mail::Send(intval($cookie->id_lang), 'account_activation', 'Votre compte a été activé', $vars, $this->email, $this->firstname.' '.$this->lastname);
        /* Change status to active/inactive */
        return Db::getInstance()->Execute('
        UPDATE `'.pSQL(_DB_PREFIX_.$this->table).'`
        SET `date_upd` = NOW()
        WHERE `'.pSQL($this->identifier).'` = '.(int)$this->id);
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